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Monday, July 25, 2011

JB Art Festival 2011

Hello there! How are you? Have you quilled anything today? He...it's such an interesting moments when we participate in the art festival held in July 2011. This last minute decision we made right after we visit the festival (through an invitation) and we feel that it's the right time to start introducing quilling to Johorians..hm...not many people coming to the festival (maybe because there a few events at the same day in the city)...but i think it's a worthful experience. We got new friends...new ideas coming in and the most important thing is...we got to know new future quillers who are really interested to learn quilling. They even ask me whether i got my own studio and class...haha.. :D Oh dear,i'm just a beginner.How i wish to have my own space like a studio...maybe one day.. :)
I would like to express my gratitude to my teacher, Miyyah (please visit Miyyah@Kertas) for giving me suggestions for the festival, my partner a.k.a hubby for being there for me...he even made cards! Many quilling cards! For my sister, Siti Aminah Hussin...for helping me all the time..huh,she even carried the display table alone! Thanks Adik! :) And i feel thankful for getting a very understanding and wonderful instructor for letting me to 'skip' my classes ,oh, i miss my students.. :( - in order to let me focus on my preparation for the festival. Thank you Ms Julie Low.. :)
As i always believe,it's not the benefit ($sale$) we got from the cards matters,but what kind of experience we got,and what we do with the experience....now only i know..... :)

She just very excited to DO IT HerSELF... :)

JB in 1950s...i love this classical scenery..

This is where the festival was held...it is an old,ancient government building in Johor Bahru..

My simple quilled flowers for DIY Version

Firsha,too...wants to give a try.. :)

Our loyal customers..hehe...they dropped by almost every open-booth day... :)
My lil student...heee...he's my nephew, Danish..so excited to do it himself.. :)
My Sis n Brother In Law...came to give us support.. Thanks everyone :)
hm....yes,that's the way..good..good.. :)

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  1. thanks for sharing your time and pictures, there really great, so excited for you, keep up the good work!!!!!


Thank you for the sweet comments.I really appreciate it! Have a good day :)

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