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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Take a Break

Sometimes we just don't know what to do and no mood in doing serious stuff. And when I'm in that situation, I need a break and this is the result. :]

Quilling Workshop [i] for Beginner 2012

Salam and good morning! How are you doing? We almost reach the end of February.And yes,this year is a leap year.What a special year! :D I wonder how did the people whose their birthday falls on the 29th February, celebrate it.They are indeed a very special person on the earth.The chosen ones.. :)
(My youngest sister's birthday is today,28th February..hm,how lucky she was..)

Okay,talking about lucky,I was very lucky that I still manage to hold my first quilling workshop on last 28th January although there's some problem occurs at the very last minute.I couldn't get the starter pack on time.Luckily,i got only 1 (one) participant for the workshop this time.It's a good start,i guess. So i prepared all the things all by myself,the shredded paper and the clean cuts. I'm so happy to share my interest with others.And,coincidentally, she's also a teacher! :D

Honestly,I've learned a lot from this workshop.Must improve it next time.

Her starter pack 

Preparation before the class started. I prepared all this the night before, till my eyes became just like
'panda bear' *___*

Her name is Fiya.She was so shy,so i just snap a candid photo of her.

I personally think that she did a good job,eventhough this is her first time. Zero experience and never know how to do quilling at all,so i ask her to quill anything using only basic shapes. She's a fast learner.
She's a teacher,afterall. :)

And this is mine.While waiting for her to finish up her card, I made her a card. Yes, I admit, I have ran out of idea at that time,or maybe because I was too sleepy,not enough rest.. (a reason..he..)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Belated Anniversary???

Hi dearies,good morning.How are you doing today? Remember my two posts on the quilled on frame with khat writing? I got another one that i have quilled for my in laws for their wedding anniversary that coincidentally falls on my birthday.Have waited for so long to hand them the gift but both of them were extremely busy,so i just got the chance last few days.I'm glad they love it. Before i could quill the design, i was thinking of what colours i should use..then i came out with the idea when i saw the colours of their wall clock in one of their kids photo.. haha...!! it's their theme colour.. :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Woop! Hello! How are you today,all dearies?Whatever you are doing,don't forget to smile,ok! :) Last 22nd and 23rd January was the celebration for the chinese...it's a Chinese New Year.Here,we celebrate it merrily. I was invited to my friend's house to celebrate it and other than a basket of hamper,I wish i could make her a fridge magnet instead of a greeting card.Actually,I plan to quill a dragon for her (in their calendar,this year is a Dragon Year),but it would take me some time to quill it,so I thought it would be more nicer if I make a simple fridge magnet with some designs on it.But still,my quill dragon is on my 'to-do-list'. The size of the fridge magnet is about 4 inch x 2.5 inch. I place it inside an organza pouch so that it would look good... :) It is my first try making a fridge magnet,so what do you think?

This is how it looks from behind. I just paste a magnetic bar (cut into pieces).

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pooh for her birthday :)

Morning dearies. Remember i told you about my Farah? The one with her first quilling card? Hm,actually her birthday was on the 11th January.I'm not there to celebrate her birthday at that time,so i feel that maybe a card could make her feel happy.She loves Winnie the Pooh,so,as usual,my hubby quilled a Pooh for her beloved daughter.As i said before,we were at my mum's place,so we just have to use all sort of materials we had at that point of time.Due to time constrain,plus we are too busy with Chinta's birthday celebration,plus i'm not too well that day,equals to simple dimple surprise wall card for Farah,somehow i felt that i'm not being fair to her because there's no her photo in the card like we did for Chinta! Ouh! Must make a new one,better, for her next time. She's happy with this card,though...she really knows how to make people smile... :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Please Mama,I Want To Give A Try...

Good morning dearies. How are you today? It's 1st February. How fast time flies. This morning i've decided to blog about my eldest foster daughter, Farah Liyana. Remember my post yesterday? Ya,when me and my hubby were too busy preparing our Chinta's Birthday Card, my another girl was also very busy 'showing' her interest in quilling. I know that she would like to give a try,but we are too busy to 'entertain' her and promised her that we'll teach her later.After few hours,I really thought that she'd forgot about that quilling thing,but nope! She really keep my promise in mind! So,I showed and asked her to do it herself. Ya,she observed us very closely and she managed to do it independently after a while.I admit that it's a very nice and simple card from a 7 years old girl. She made the card for her mother,saying that she loves her and apologize for being naughty.Haha! I'm sure her Mum will be touched with the card.The most important thing is,she had learned something new... :)

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