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Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday PokYod!

This card is an emergency one.I totally forgot my uncle's birthday until he invited me to join him in a dinner on his birthday.I come out with this simple card as he's also a very simple person. With only a fringe flower,which i made out of a gift paper (my 1st try)...,i printed out some wordings for him. With simple colour combination and this time,i use my ribbel machine for the card. It's a very simple card, no folding-just one piece card.I think this 'postcard' look is quite cool eh..hm.........must try this again for my next idea.. :)

You've got a better future ahead,my friend!

Hello,i was too busy these two weeks.How's your life?I hope everything will be and always be fine for all of us :)
Now only got time to upload my ideas...phew!! I've been informed that few of our friends got a new job and some are going to further their study,....congratulation is the best word as it is a good news for them and a sad news for us indeed..  :( But it's ok,we'll always look for chance to hang out together. Somebody asked me to make a farewell bookmark for one of them and for the others,we send out an appreciation card to them before. He's a man with a soft looking, kind and humorous.I got this ideas for bookmark and i think the colours i used and the quilling butterfly is just suitable for him...I wish him all the best in his future undertakings... :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teachers' Day Out

Yesterday is a Teacher's Day. As i am also a teacher,my headmistress (normally known as Instructor in our centre), had arranged for a dinner for us (me and other 7 teachers) in an international restaurant somewhere around JB here. We really enjoyed our dinner and happily giggled all the time,and sometimes we laughed out loud-totally forgot that normally we talk in a very soft tone in class..haha...it's ok,i guess...just once in a while... As usual,i prepared some gift to my loyal and supportive colleagues. As we're experimenting in our quilling skills and ideas,both of us (me and my partner) had prepared some handmade cards for them. I decided to combine each main colour with black. Some of it turn out very nice,but some of it turn out not so nice...and funny,i think.But, i believe in learning and practising. We are working on it-as i always said....many new ideas coming when we are drafting the cards. We brought all our quilling tools and papers and a bag full of card-making things here and there and finally it landed on my mum-in-law's house and we messed up the room with our things as we are running out of time. The cards quilling images actually represents the owner and what i wish to say. I hope they understand me as much as i know them. And here it is. I couldn't upload the pics yesterday as it is actually a surprise gift for them! And today,no surprise anymore,the card has already with the owner....oh..i miss the cards.... :(     But i'm glad they're happy to keep it.... :)
Some photos looks very dull because of the lighting..so sorry....:(

A strong sunflower for my boss... :)

A nice,sweet and kind pink flower for my Maths colleague... :)

A sports car moving...and moving....for my Maths colleague..hopefully one day she will get her own car soon.. :) This is my partner's touch.. :)

Graduation is just not far....hm....i need to practice more on the graduation cap...it looks like a kite..isn't it??  :)

Take a break...before you continue with your long journey....

A simple five petals flower for our new member... :)

hm.....she hates cat..a lot..and that's what she got..hahaha....my partner's touch..hm...both of us... :)

Strong and cool butterfly for a very power puff girl in our centre...sadly,she's no longer with us as she got better job for her future....thanks dear.. :)

Messy room.........temporary studio of ours...i just pushed all the things aside when i got very sleepy...haha....hoping that my mum wouldn't get into the room....huhuhu.....and the next morning before we go back to JB, it's all cleared.. :)

Final snap before packing..................

Ready to be distribute................................ :)

Miyyah@Kertas + Simple Rhyme First Quilling Class

We both went for the first class of quilling organized by miyyah@kertas and Simple Rhyme in Wangsa Maju, KL. Although we need to travel all the way from JB to KL,we were so excited to join the class that could guide us on how to quill from a very basic level. We lost in a midst of KL city,but luckily we take off so early in the morning,and we made it-the earliest bird arrived...hahaha..!!! :D The class is very simple just like miyyah and As. Took place in a very cool,cool hang out studio owned by Ellie-Castor & Pollux Professional & Styling Studio (am i promoting? LOL :D)... we got a very humble teachers and generous in sharing their ideas, tips and tricks. I'm looking forward to many more classes organize by them.I love it!!!! Thanks to Teacher Miyyah and Teacher As... Happy Teacher's Day!! (all of a sudden,u've become a teacher!! hahaha :D)
These are the four cards i've managed to create. It's very simple without any motive..haha..for i'm so starving at that time-couldn't think to get any better idea..haha..!!! (then Ellie came with her amazing curry puff....which makes me burrrpppp!!!) ;P  Can you see the robot?Err....maybe it doesn't look like a robot. Yet. There's an incomplete part of them that make them look just like a mall trolley-this is what my dad says about it! :(

Yeah!! Here comes Bydin and Mynar...the complete version of fayyza ideas's robot....

They fall in love in each other and promised to be together in their Loveown Planet... :D   

Thank You,Teacher!!!

I would like to wish Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers out there (including me.. :D) no matter what kind of school or institution you are teaching at-you are great!!! I got an order from a girl in Muar, Johor,asking me to make three cards for her lady teachers. It's not so hard as she just let me decide everything including theme and colours. Except she wish to include the names of her teacher. And one of them is in Jawi font. I (ops! my partner) had done it before,so i guess it shouldn't be any problem for us to print it out. Actually,i'm learning to make it as a HAND written...but we are still working on it.I chose different colour for different teacher as this may be my experiment too. I'm really happy to know that she love the cards and looking forward to make many more cards  for her in future.She's one of my generous and kind customer...hm..she's only 17...so sweet...

Happy Birthday, dearies!!!

Hello all! Know what? I miss my blog so much. Recently i was too busy with all my projects and last few days i guess many of us facing the same problem-couldn't log in to our blog account. Alhamdullillah,the issue finally resolved.So,thanks to Blogger! :D Now,i got a lot and a lot of pics to upload. Hopefully my broadband will work as fast as it could cos i don't want to miss anything this time.He's been on 'on-leave' for too long already! ;P
My birthday bookmarks for May 2011-i made a new look to it.Normally i just make a normal laminated bookmarks for my students. But this time,i wish to try something new and cheaper,of course- pine wood. I first saw this look-alike 'ice cream' stick when i was in a bookstore in JB.It's colourful and simple to hold. I then came out with this idea. Interesting isn't it?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quilled Photo Frame

My first project on quilled frame. My old friend of mine has ordered a card,at first for her mum.But then change her mind to quilled frame right after she watched a segment in TV3 (on quilling project).She requested me to design a frame decorated with quilled sunflower,strawberry with soft blue and pink theme + english style background. With Happy Mother's day, Mum I love You Forever in Jawi handwriting (credit to my hubby for his effort in creating the words).And she even ask me to decorate a gift box too!! Hm...1st I was thinking of white base photo frame,for the English look. I took out my English flower ribbon and started to quilled sunflower and strawberry.And roses too! Qulling roses is the challengging part because i just learn to do it,not mastered it yet.. :( But i've tried my best,and this is what i come out with.And she really made my day.This morning,she sms me and said that she LOVES it! Her mum loves it too.And she wish to request me to do more of this theme.Hm..what a strawberry and sunflower fanatic!! Thanks to her and interestingly, when i went to her house (cash-on-delivery),i even got a plastic full of ciku fruit,cabbage,brinjal and bananas. Huh! It's worth for a long journey to her house! Take a look at these pics,i love it. My soulmate really knows how to take the best angle! Thanks to him!!!! wink*wink*

Orangey Quilled Flower - Again????

Wow! It's been so long since my last update here. I've got a lot of things to share. There's one interesting story i kept for few days.Can't wait to share. Remember my Orangey Quilled Flowers Card? I put it on my FB and blog and i blur up the name of person that i wish to dedicate the card to. I told u that it's a very special card to me because it's the first quilling card that i've ever made!! Know who? Okay,actually i dedicate the special card to my beloved Instructor. Because it was a surprise card + we're too busy at class,and i plan to pass it to her 3 days before Mum's Day,i strongly believe that she's too busy to drop by my page and look at it. But what surprised me-she actually seen it on the page before i pass to her and more surprised me,she ordered it!!!!!! For her mum!!!! Aaarrghh!! I was freezed when she called me and said that she loves the card. I tried to tell her to take a look at my other quilled card sample,she might like it too.But she insisted and firm-request me to do it exactly the same...hm..customer..what can we do about them?hehe...finally i just do it but do some slight changes to it. I used cream and orange combination (instead of white and orange for her card),and also add a butterfly inside the card and some wordings as she requested. I know her for almost 3 years,and i know her taste very well. And i know that she'll love it-new card,same name,same design, same price..haha.... By today,i passed the card to her,in the morning-ordered card. In the evening,her own card. She called me and said she loved both card very much..huh! Then i explain to her why i seems like rejected her order design at first,and why i never do exactly 100% same card. As i expected,she laughed!!! hahaha!! what a good start!! is it?? >-<

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For A Sweet Teacher :)

Right after we celebrate Mother's Day, Teacher's Day coming up. Here are some of my cards for Teacher's Day. I just love the colour combination.It's so sweet and soft...I chose pink and soft yellow for the flower and two tones green for the bushes. For more choice,hop on to my For Sale tab!

New Look!

Hm..i've been through a lot of things past few weeks..When i have a first look at my DnD Corner (Do Not Disturb Corner),after a weak week, wallaweei..it's so messy with all papers here and there..mixed up altogether till i hardly recognize the gsm of the paper..and finally i managed to come out with this idea. I think i should get myself a paper 'pigeon holes' to make my paper sorting easier.But, for the being,just let me use this kind of 'drawer'...until i get enough budget to get the real one..haha..!!

Although in an unhealthy condition,i still need to accompany my sister do some shopping.So we went to this famous bookstore,and i got myself a circle ruler for my quillings..huh...it was a relief that i could get this with a cheap cheapy price! Now,i can make my quillings with no worries of the sizes!!

After a Weak Week! Mum's Big Day is on the way!

Weak week. I was weak,for the whole week! It's a bad, bad rhyme,isn't it! It's a 'unhealthy condition' week. Now i'm getting better with new ideas,new spirit! Huh, i spend a week to complete my ideas, Mother's Day is on the way! And i come out with this card,which i love it very much! i wish i am a mother so that i could dedicate this card specially for myself.Lol! And because i had already made a card for my mums,i couldn't give this to them either.I made a card with cottage style,put on some ribbon,button and a handmade sticker! And decorated envelope too! And i've started my Mother's Day card sales with exclusive design. One of a kind, i hope so. Please hop on to my 'For Sale' tab.You might interested in any of the cards. Take care!

Remember my Orangey Quilled Flowers? I've decided to give to my lovely ..... (it's a secret because she might be peeping on my blog too! ;P) So,i added heart shapes on the card to sync it with her image which is so lovely,loveable and loving. I hope she'll like it. Whoa! This quilling things made me so alive! I couldn't sleep  without thinking of new ideas everyday. This is the way i like it! Uhuk..Uhuk...

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