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Monday, March 12, 2012

Happily Ever After...

Have you ever visit my friend's page at Norraberryz? Please click HERE to drop by her page. She made a very awesome and delicious cakes,tarts and many more.I think if i live with her in the same house,I couldn't control my weight ;P
Last February our ex-HR MANAGER invited us to her daughter's wedding ceremony.Norraberrys is responsible for the wedding cake booth.So,she had asked me to make a mini frame to place on the wedding cake table so that she wouldn't need to write anything on the cake itself. She sends me a romantic poem for me to type in the frame.So,i quilled a rose,some fringe flowers and quill some curls to form a heart shape.I love it especially the butterflies that i bought from a wedding store. May they live happily ever after....... :)


  1. suker sesangat frame tuu.. pasni ade lagi tempahan taw.. hehee.. good job fayyza ideas!!..

  2. suker sesangat quilling frame tuu.. i like!.. i like!.. hehee.. pasni ade tempahan lagi taw.. good job my frend..!!


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