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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Heart of Roses...

On last February a friend of mine have asked me to make her a Valentine's Day card to give to her lover. She's interested with my heart shape out of roses design and i've decided to use the design for her card. She loves light colours,so i use beigy colour as the base card. And also a new idea of my hubby ~ a fringed heart. She had also asked me to put in their photos together inside the card.How lovely she is.I'm really glad to know that she's really happy to get the card. Ouh,and i make her a special paper bag instead of normal envelope. I hope they will live happily ever after :)

Ready to be delivered :)


  1. this is awesome, love the flowers and the butterflies !!

  2. ı like malaysıa people
    your name looks like my son's name feyyaz :)

  3. hi dear,thank you so much for dropping by.my name is a combination from my husband and me..hm.. :)


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