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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

For Their Wedding

Hello,hello,hello! Good morning friends! This time i would like to show you something new to me. It's a quills on frame~erk,that's not new! Hm...the new things is..what's inside the frame and the frame size itself. This is the first time I quill on this kind of frame size. It's 35.5 x 28cm (14 inch x 11 inch). This is what we call Jawi Character using khat method of writing. This khat writing was written by a young man who participated in a Handcraft Festival held in our state last month. He's from Seni Khat Solution. To view their activities,please click here.

But first,i would like you to meet this guy who wrote the khat...he's cool.. :)

He's a very nice guy,so we took picture with him..hee...the girl with the striped shirt is my sister. :)

See,he's cool...very nice khat...

Below is the frame i was talking about. It says in there 'Happy Wedding Day ~ Syuhada & Syukri ~ Happily Ever After~ From Me & Hubby). Actually their wedding was held on last December. But, as i said before,due to my condition and time,i just finish it this week. Is there any Belated Wedding Day wishes? Heh..
As you can see,there's one image that the one before i decided to add one more colour of stripes because it looks quite dull with only one colour.I thought it would be more nice if it got two colours.
Really hope they will like it.. :)

This is the plain design. Before i decided to add one more colour to it.

Tadaa!!! What do you think?


  1. 2 combination of handicraft - khat jawi & quilling, good wedding gift and the quilling is nicely done

  2. hi dorine! thank you so much for dropping by.i really appreciate it! :D

  3. gorgeous, and the quilling added is awesome, love the colors!!!!

  4. hi paula,thank you so much for dropping by.ya,me too.a also love the combinations..hee...it's my first try using it.. :)

  5. salam fayyza...
    very creative works..
    memang ok sangat lah kalau macam ni..boleh order nih..

  6. wa'alaikumsalam..hee...terima kasih singgah..ok sgt ke..hm,nak belajar khat ni...masa and kesempatan belum ada..nak order,buleh,dialu-alukan.. :)


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