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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Lil Angry Bird

Hello,all. How are you? Last 21st January was our lil girl's 1st birthday. She's a short tempered little girl, just like an 'Angry Bird'...she's so cute! And for her birthday,my hubby decided to quill her an Angry Bird as her wall card@our version birthday card. My husband really have passion in making this fringe flowers, so he's the one who quilled the bird. As for me, I just decorate the card with all the materials we got at that point of time. But,you know what, I love the card,but personally, I kind of regret putting too many '1st's in it. It looks terrible.But the moment i realize it,it was too late for me to change it..*sigh*...do you feel that too?She (Chinta) loves it! We had hold a simple birthday party for her, and we hung the card right in  front of the house, near the buffet table where everyone can see how cute the Angry Bird is... :)


  1. oh how cute, really love the bird, really amazed that your Hubby quills, I've been trying to get my Hubby to, but no way, he does like helping me with ideas and colors!!

  2. thank you so much, Paula.. :) ya,i'm glad that my hubby always supports me in everything,but as usual,he got more passion than me..haha..! however,it's good that your hubby helps you with the ideas and colours...quilling make us more close together,right? :D


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