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Monday, January 16, 2012

it's LOVE...

Hello,all.How are you doing?Ok,ok.. there're few friends asking me why am i too silent..no any update on my blog.Ya,i'm really sorry.Got a few family issues to handle.Plus my dad was not too well makes me really not in the mood to do any quilling.And no time also.But now,Alhamdullillah,i'm back.Everything is getting better. And i got my mood back,plus a lot of ideas showering in.Even i didn't make any post,i always update myself with the latest quilling trend and designs.Wow,it's awesome! Really creative! Now,i'm back with more ideas.But first,i still need to stick with my old plan.Need some space to 'train' myself again.Haha! But first,i got this order from my friend.She wish to hang this frame in her bedroom.I know she loves it.To quill it,not so hard.But to glue it....huh! u know how... hm... :)


  1. this is very pretty, happy your back and feeling better, happy quilling!!!

  2. hello paula...thanks so much! i miss ur comments..he.. :)


Thank you for the sweet comments.I really appreciate it! Have a good day :)

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