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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quilling Workshop [i] for Beginner 2012

Salam and good morning! How are you doing? We almost reach the end of February.And yes,this year is a leap year.What a special year! :D I wonder how did the people whose their birthday falls on the 29th February, celebrate it.They are indeed a very special person on the earth.The chosen ones.. :)
(My youngest sister's birthday is today,28th February..hm,how lucky she was..)

Okay,talking about lucky,I was very lucky that I still manage to hold my first quilling workshop on last 28th January although there's some problem occurs at the very last minute.I couldn't get the starter pack on time.Luckily,i got only 1 (one) participant for the workshop this time.It's a good start,i guess. So i prepared all the things all by myself,the shredded paper and the clean cuts. I'm so happy to share my interest with others.And,coincidentally, she's also a teacher! :D

Honestly,I've learned a lot from this workshop.Must improve it next time.

Her starter pack 

Preparation before the class started. I prepared all this the night before, till my eyes became just like
'panda bear' *___*

Her name is Fiya.She was so shy,so i just snap a candid photo of her.

I personally think that she did a good job,eventhough this is her first time. Zero experience and never know how to do quilling at all,so i ask her to quill anything using only basic shapes. She's a fast learner.
She's a teacher,afterall. :)

And this is mine.While waiting for her to finish up her card, I made her a card. Yes, I admit, I have ran out of idea at that time,or maybe because I was too sleepy,not enough rest.. (a reason..he..)


  1. Nice starter pack, and boy did you cut a lot of paper. She did a great job on her first project.
    Good luck with your future classes !!!

  2. Paula,i did not cut it all.The colourful strips are the shredded ones. I only use clean cuts for my student's starter pack.To show her the difference.But yes,sometimes i would use clean cuts for my works. :)

  3. Congratulations on ur 1st workshop! Your participant made a real wonderful job as wel.

  4. Hello Ann,i'm glad to see you here! Thank you so much! :D


Thank you for the sweet comments.I really appreciate it! Have a good day :)

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