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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Please Mama,I Want To Give A Try...

Good morning dearies. How are you today? It's 1st February. How fast time flies. This morning i've decided to blog about my eldest foster daughter, Farah Liyana. Remember my post yesterday? Ya,when me and my hubby were too busy preparing our Chinta's Birthday Card, my another girl was also very busy 'showing' her interest in quilling. I know that she would like to give a try,but we are too busy to 'entertain' her and promised her that we'll teach her later.After few hours,I really thought that she'd forgot about that quilling thing,but nope! She really keep my promise in mind! So,I showed and asked her to do it herself. Ya,she observed us very closely and she managed to do it independently after a while.I admit that it's a very nice and simple card from a 7 years old girl. She made the card for her mother,saying that she loves her and apologize for being naughty.Haha! I'm sure her Mum will be touched with the card.The most important thing is,she had learned something new... :)

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  1. awww she did great, who knows, she might get addicted to quilling!!!


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