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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Glow glowy 33rd Anniversary Concerto!!

Finally i had my final touch on my ibu and ayah's 33rd anniversary. I thought of this for the past few months. I come up with this idea of concerto when i feel that i have a lot of things to tell my parents. But then, i've gone speechless, wordless...hahaha... I used to create poems for my parents on their birthday and anniversary or even Mother's and Father's Day. This year i wish to make a difference. I am born in Melaka, so i guess that i must be very 'bright' in this 'pantun' (malay poetic form)  thing. I took about 1/2 hour to create the pantun. Haha..just a simple 4 line versed pantun, telling them how much we love them starting from their 'journey' together before three of us joined them..hahahah!!! I chosed black,white and silver theme as a sign that in life,we have black and white..and colourful sometimes. This concerto is divided into 2 partitions with 5 pages. On the second page, i've put a baby stockings and a beep to sync with the pantun next it, telling stories of my parents' prince and princesses :) At 4th page,i've put on a glowy butterfly to be a frame of a pink weavy stripes. My hubby said this card looks like a wedding invitation card...hm...after all, it's a wedding anniversary card, isn't it? Let them refresh the memory, then.. :)

Jump on my cayyzards to see the concerto inside!

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