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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pinky Weavey

At first i wish to try using white base card for this,but then i can't stop thinking of how it goes when i combine pink and yellow. Cool and hot. And i think, it turns out quite ok...this card i made for my friend but not sure which one of them will suits the colour well. I put a weaved pink stripes and double hearts in a white frame. I stamped out few flower to sync the design of flowers of the ribbon. And also a button, contrast with the ribbon itself. And this time,i manage to try again on making a pop up. Just a basic pop up because i haven't mastered the simple one yet..huhuhu..!! Although i think,i have improved on this pop up thing, i will make a bigger and more complicated ones. Come on, Jaja! You can do it!! Any cheerleaders out there! Come and cheer me up!! ;D

my pinky weavey card (jump on cayyzards to see the pop up)

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