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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Elmo Wish You Happy Birthday!

The same sweet girl also request me to make a birthday card for her lil sister (it's her 8th birthday). She requested us to quill an elmo for her sis. Huh! It's really indeed a very challenging task. As usual,my partner a.k.a hubby,started to print out elmo images and we discussed on which one we are going to use as our first quilled elmo. Really,fringe flowers testing our patience,but we feel more motivated when the fluffy flowers started to fill in the elmo's body. It took us almost three nights to finish it up,and i'm glad she likes it...when i saw her smile getting the card during the delivery,i feel so relieved..huh! at last..! I really thank her for her support.. ! I hope her lil sister will jump in joy when she gets the card on her birthday.. ! :D

Ready for delivery !


  1. Fantastic job, he is so adorable!!!

  2. thank you,Paula! although it's very challenging, we feel quite satisfied with the outcome..just need some improvement..as always..hehe.. :)

  3. tip top.....hihihi ateh here


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