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Saturday, June 11, 2011

For Her Ibu... :)

Last night just delivered two cards requested by a customer. Hopefully she likes and loves the cards..hehe... This sweet girl requested me at first to remake the TD001 card. But i told her that i will try to make something like that, but more cuter n sweeter..and i'm happy she agreed on the design...new design. Inside i add some words (she did give her own words and i make it more flowery :P) to make her mum feels more touch when she gets the card. I love making people feel touch when they read the words inside. It's an expressions from a daughter to her mum...hm..as usual i need to be in her place to imagine what i wish to say..


  1. lovely...Yes..everyone 'll love it..soft touch..!!

  2. Lovely card, I'm sure she will love it!!!!

  3. Lekha : hi Lekha,i also think it's lovely :p thanks for dropping by! :)

    paula : thank u,paula..wait until she get the card..i'm sure she will love it as u said.. he :)


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