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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Kiddos... :)

Hello all :) Last few weeks i got a request from a friend to design two bookmarks for her niece and nephew's birthday. I just got myself a few pieces of blue turqoise paper,which i love it so much,so i guess this is the right time to use it as the bookmark base,of course for a 15 y.o. boy. She also requested me to quill a sport car for him as she saw it in my previous cards.For the girl,i quilled a mini cat with two strawberries (their auntie llluuurrrvvveeeee strawberries,fanatic with it.. ;P) Marroon colour paper for base and a button too.
With some wordings,i add a meaningful quote for them too! Really hope they like it!

The funny part is,i couldn't fit the card in the pack! Luckily suddenly i came out with this idea....hehehe.. :)

Look! It's more than the size!!! Huh!

Tadaaa!!!! Upside down...hehehe... :)


  1. salam..
    kalau saya nak order bentuk ELMO utk wish birthday adik saya bole tak ?

  2. w'lam..hi natasha.blh bg email or tlg fb?

  3. Very cute cat and car. The car looks especially stylish

  4. hi Dr Sonia SV,thanks for dropping by!hm..the car and cat really challenging..but it's fun! :)


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