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Monday, June 13, 2011

For Her Lovely Hubby :)

Hi dearies,finally i manage to upload this card on my blog.It took so long to wait for the card to reach the recipient. Yesterday is his birthday,so i'm quite confident,he got the card already. Really hope he'll like it. Actually this card was requested by my in-law. She asked me to make a card for his hubby (which is my hubby's brother) for his birthday.My brother-in-law likes sports so much so i was thinking to find some sports item to put inside the card. He got a very sweet wife who has specially created a very romantic wordings for him. So sweet, isn't she? What the most special in this card is,i make it just like a window..open it,and you can see what's inside. In this card,when he open it,he'll see that lots and lots of love inside.It's not the heart shape,it's the wordings...I also decorated the envelope as well, as the card would be given by hand,so i think there's no wrong for me decorating the envelope with quilled candles and cupcake puffy sticker which had been forgotten...I better use it now.. :D


  1. Lovely card, love the background paper, nice job!!!

  2. letakla gambar pai bukak kad kat cni...bukti kad diterima...hihihi

  3. hi ateh! glad u drop by! haha! nnt kite amik gmbr pai pgg kad ek?... :)


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