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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thank You,Friends....

I got a request from my sister to make a Thank You frame for her colleagues as she's going to resign and further her study. She temporarily working in a very popular hypermarket and i was thinking to quill the name of the company itself. After some thoughts,i decided to quill the Thank You words instead. I always wish to use purple tones in my projects,and this is the right time to start with it. This is my first typography quillings..not so easy though.But i'm glad i did it! hehe... :D With some quill flowers and loose coils as a 1/4 border, i came out with this at last....what do you think,friends?  :)

preparation................ :)


  1. Fantastic work, love it!!!
    Just became a follower of your blog,

  2. Thank you,Paula! You really pushed me forward!! :D


Thank you for the sweet comments.I really appreciate it! Have a good day :)

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