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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friendship Bookmarks & Surprise Giveaway for 500th Friend on FB!

Hello,how do you do today?I just delivered a pair of friendship bookmarks for a very sweet,young girl who requested me to make it for her and her 'secret' friend. Because she's still in school,so i'm more comfortable to call it as a bestfriend. Special bestfriend maybe.:P She saw my birthday bookmark, and requested a yellow teddy bear for her and any colour for her friend. I'm very comfortable working with her because she just let me do what i  think is nice for her.She just let me do it. And as usual,i will try my best to make her happy. This time i really like to try using a doily paper. Just a bit of it,and it looks nice on the bookmark. One bookmark with name, and no name for the other.It's unknown..hehe..as per requested. I used blue n yellow and just twist it around to make it looks like a couple bookmarks..oh! just like bestfriends,you love to have look alike things together although it's not the same.. :)

And I also made a surprise to one of my friend on Facebook.She's the 500th friend on my friend list,so i guess i should give her something to thank her for her support. Luckily,she's my own colleagues. So it's easy for me to know her fav colour by just asking her myself..LOL.. :D I really hope she'll like it.. :) Maybe in future i would like to organize my own blog giveaway!! ....hehe....do support me,ok! take care! adios!! :)


  1. Gorgeous book marks, love the sayings on them, nice work, they will love them!!!

  2. thanks Paula.i hope the sayings i choose for them will inspire them.. :)


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