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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Orangey Quilled Flower

Haha! Finally i got my own first quilled flowers card. I used combination of orange and white stripes as this is my first 'assignment'. I will for sure improve my quilling skills. Who can i dedicate this cards to ya? Got few names in my list and still not sure who's 'the chosen one' to get my first quilled flower card.Hahaha!!! Got to cut out more stripes to make quillings after this...what do think of my card, dearies?

hm.. :)

Lovable Flamingo

Huh! Finally come out with my simplest ever Happy Mother's Day Card. I usually use my puffy stickers for my bookmarks,but when i look at my fluffy flamingo,i decided to use it for my mum's card. I used maroon because just like me (or i'm just like her) , my mum also love maroon colour. And i guess maroon also is a sign of love, love and love. I put on heart stickers around the flamingo to make it more lovable. And just a simple wordings below it. I couldn't show you the inside of the card because it too personal for me..hahaha... oh,and i punch a small holes at the top of the card to put in a 'paper string' (that's what i call it) to make it looks vantage. Does it?
Happy Mother's Day, Ibu! Muah! Muah!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Glow glowy 33rd Anniversary Concerto!!

Finally i had my final touch on my ibu and ayah's 33rd anniversary. I thought of this for the past few months. I come up with this idea of concerto when i feel that i have a lot of things to tell my parents. But then, i've gone speechless, wordless...hahaha... I used to create poems for my parents on their birthday and anniversary or even Mother's and Father's Day. This year i wish to make a difference. I am born in Melaka, so i guess that i must be very 'bright' in this 'pantun' (malay poetic form)  thing. I took about 1/2 hour to create the pantun. Haha..just a simple 4 line versed pantun, telling them how much we love them starting from their 'journey' together before three of us joined them..hahahah!!! I chosed black,white and silver theme as a sign that in life,we have black and white..and colourful sometimes. This concerto is divided into 2 partitions with 5 pages. On the second page, i've put a baby stockings and a beep to sync with the pantun next it, telling stories of my parents' prince and princesses :) At 4th page,i've put on a glowy butterfly to be a frame of a pink weavy stripes. My hubby said this card looks like a wedding invitation card...hm...after all, it's a wedding anniversary card, isn't it? Let them refresh the memory, then.. :)

Jump on my cayyzards to see the concerto inside!

Pinky Weavey

At first i wish to try using white base card for this,but then i can't stop thinking of how it goes when i combine pink and yellow. Cool and hot. And i think, it turns out quite ok...this card i made for my friend but not sure which one of them will suits the colour well. I put a weaved pink stripes and double hearts in a white frame. I stamped out few flower to sync the design of flowers of the ribbon. And also a button, contrast with the ribbon itself. And this time,i manage to try again on making a pop up. Just a basic pop up because i haven't mastered the simple one yet..huhuhu..!! Although i think,i have improved on this pop up thing, i will make a bigger and more complicated ones. Come on, Jaja! You can do it!! Any cheerleaders out there! Come and cheer me up!! ;D

my pinky weavey card (jump on cayyzards to see the pop up)

Is that a quill flower?

Huh! Finally i manage to 'quill' a flower. Hoorray!!! But it doesn't seems like a flower like i used to see.Hahaha!! It's ok,it's my first time after all.I will learn more and more on this.Now only i got the picture on how the quillings are really fun to do!! I purposely used a normal paper,cut it and quill it using a toothpick...i didn't have a quilling tool yet.. :( Please share me any tips on quilling, dearies!!

my very first quilled flower ;p

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Stripey

This wall card i made last night.It's a last minute order from my customer.Huh! I took 20 mins to plan and draft it out, and not too long to finish it. I was very lucky to have the materials in my workshop. It's a simple wall card, though.At the very beginning,i thought i should go with greeting card,but then i've been told that the lil cutie girl was about to turn 2 this month.Hm,we always have to get as many information on the who will be getting the card.It's helps us! Oh! so,must get her something much more interesting to see! So,after a discussion,we decided to go with a wall card. For more details on this, you can just jump on my fayywards tab. See you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mak!

See the apple button? I love it! It's so cute. It's comes in many colours as yellow,green.. etc..

This is what i mean, the spiral did not turns out like i wish to see.. :(

I chose pink n soft colour tones..cos emak is so lovely mom.. :) love u mak !
I have just finished designed card for my emak for her coming birthday next week. Really hope that could do much more better than this.I hope she'll like it. This is the 1st time i made my own card to give to emak. Here, i paste the gift wrapper,so that i don't need to write any birthday wishes on the card. Put on some buttons that i bought in Melaka last few weeks.It's just a small shop selling buttons,ribbons and there's a lot of embellishments too! It makes me crazy! Now i got connection with them as they will always inform me whenever there are new and latest buttons coming.. :D The baby n wooden horse is very significant. Hope i could 'give' emak many grandchildrens in years coming.. Amin.. :) Oh ya! This is the 1st time i tried to make spiral pop-up card inside, but it doesn't turns like a spiral..nor a pop-up.. it;s look funny..not catchy as i wish to see.. !!  :(    huh! but i will never give up...practises will make perfect.. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to the world,baby!

laminated printed wish with art stick frame and puffy stickers

This is the one that i made for my nephew on his 'cukur jambul'. Cukur jambul is the baby's very first haircut, done in accordance with Malay tradition. It is an important rite of passage and is very much seen as an occasion for the extended family to come together, renew bonds and welcome the new baby into the clan. I made this card using hard card board. As you can see there, i laminated the 'wish' that i printed out,put on some stickers to hide the holes,and i even tied a 'rope' for mummy to hang this in his room,so that he will always remember me whenever he sees me as the 1st thing in the morning..hahaha..!! 
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