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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miyyah@Kertas + Simple Rhyme First Quilling Class

We both went for the first class of quilling organized by miyyah@kertas and Simple Rhyme in Wangsa Maju, KL. Although we need to travel all the way from JB to KL,we were so excited to join the class that could guide us on how to quill from a very basic level. We lost in a midst of KL city,but luckily we take off so early in the morning,and we made it-the earliest bird arrived...hahaha..!!! :D The class is very simple just like miyyah and As. Took place in a very cool,cool hang out studio owned by Ellie-Castor & Pollux Professional & Styling Studio (am i promoting? LOL :D)... we got a very humble teachers and generous in sharing their ideas, tips and tricks. I'm looking forward to many more classes organize by them.I love it!!!! Thanks to Teacher Miyyah and Teacher As... Happy Teacher's Day!! (all of a sudden,u've become a teacher!! hahaha :D)
These are the four cards i've managed to create. It's very simple without any motive..haha..for i'm so starving at that time-couldn't think to get any better idea..haha..!!! (then Ellie came with her amazing curry puff....which makes me burrrpppp!!!) ;P  Can you see the robot?Err....maybe it doesn't look like a robot. Yet. There's an incomplete part of them that make them look just like a mall trolley-this is what my dad says about it! :(

Yeah!! Here comes Bydin and Mynar...the complete version of fayyza ideas's robot....

They fall in love in each other and promised to be together in their Loveown Planet... :D   

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