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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Look!

Hm..i've been through a lot of things past few weeks..When i have a first look at my DnD Corner (Do Not Disturb Corner),after a weak week, wallaweei..it's so messy with all papers here and there..mixed up altogether till i hardly recognize the gsm of the paper..and finally i managed to come out with this idea. I think i should get myself a paper 'pigeon holes' to make my paper sorting easier.But, for the being,just let me use this kind of 'drawer'...until i get enough budget to get the real one..haha..!!

Although in an unhealthy condition,i still need to accompany my sister do some shopping.So we went to this famous bookstore,and i got myself a circle ruler for my quillings..huh...it was a relief that i could get this with a cheap cheapy price! Now,i can make my quillings with no worries of the sizes!!

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