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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quilled Photo Frame

My first project on quilled frame. My old friend of mine has ordered a card,at first for her mum.But then change her mind to quilled frame right after she watched a segment in TV3 (on quilling project).She requested me to design a frame decorated with quilled sunflower,strawberry with soft blue and pink theme + english style background. With Happy Mother's day, Mum I love You Forever in Jawi handwriting (credit to my hubby for his effort in creating the words).And she even ask me to decorate a gift box too!! Hm...1st I was thinking of white base photo frame,for the English look. I took out my English flower ribbon and started to quilled sunflower and strawberry.And roses too! Qulling roses is the challengging part because i just learn to do it,not mastered it yet.. :( But i've tried my best,and this is what i come out with.And she really made my day.This morning,she sms me and said that she LOVES it! Her mum loves it too.And she wish to request me to do more of this theme.Hm..what a strawberry and sunflower fanatic!! Thanks to her and interestingly, when i went to her house (cash-on-delivery),i even got a plastic full of ciku fruit,cabbage,brinjal and bananas. Huh! It's worth for a long journey to her house! Take a look at these pics,i love it. My soulmate really knows how to take the best angle! Thanks to him!!!! wink*wink*


  1. cam mak i punyer jerr... heheee.. really like it.. especially for the stoberry berry!!.. also sunflower and roses!!.. the best thing is in english design.. woww.. well u know me.. the white frame is matching with my cabinet and english sofa u know.. heehee.. thanks for ur effort and creativity.. wish good luck for u yeah!..

  2. best kan??? anyway,glad u like it!!! :D

  3. akak ada yang design lain tak?

  4. design bergantung kpd apa yg awak nak,zafirah... akak takkan buat design yg sama utk customer yg berbeza... :)


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