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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teachers' Day Out

Yesterday is a Teacher's Day. As i am also a teacher,my headmistress (normally known as Instructor in our centre), had arranged for a dinner for us (me and other 7 teachers) in an international restaurant somewhere around JB here. We really enjoyed our dinner and happily giggled all the time,and sometimes we laughed out loud-totally forgot that normally we talk in a very soft tone in class..haha...it's ok,i guess...just once in a while... As usual,i prepared some gift to my loyal and supportive colleagues. As we're experimenting in our quilling skills and ideas,both of us (me and my partner) had prepared some handmade cards for them. I decided to combine each main colour with black. Some of it turn out very nice,but some of it turn out not so nice...and funny,i think.But, i believe in learning and practising. We are working on it-as i always said....many new ideas coming when we are drafting the cards. We brought all our quilling tools and papers and a bag full of card-making things here and there and finally it landed on my mum-in-law's house and we messed up the room with our things as we are running out of time. The cards quilling images actually represents the owner and what i wish to say. I hope they understand me as much as i know them. And here it is. I couldn't upload the pics yesterday as it is actually a surprise gift for them! And today,no surprise anymore,the card has already with the owner....oh..i miss the cards.... :(     But i'm glad they're happy to keep it.... :)
Some photos looks very dull because of the lighting..so sorry....:(

A strong sunflower for my boss... :)

A nice,sweet and kind pink flower for my Maths colleague... :)

A sports car moving...and moving....for my Maths colleague..hopefully one day she will get her own car soon.. :) This is my partner's touch.. :)

Graduation is just not far....hm....i need to practice more on the graduation cap...it looks like a kite..isn't it??  :)

Take a break...before you continue with your long journey....

A simple five petals flower for our new member... :)

hm.....she hates cat..a lot..and that's what she got..hahaha....my partner's touch..hm...both of us... :)

Strong and cool butterfly for a very power puff girl in our centre...sadly,she's no longer with us as she got better job for her future....thanks dear.. :)

Messy room.........temporary studio of ours...i just pushed all the things aside when i got very sleepy...haha....hoping that my mum wouldn't get into the room....huhuhu.....and the next morning before we go back to JB, it's all cleared.. :)

Final snap before packing..................

Ready to be distribute................................ :)


  1. Very lovely creations. I like the cat and the car especially.
    One suggestion if you dont mind: do put your follow button on top of your blog or on the side bar on top. I was looking all over for it and was going to give up when I noticed it at the bottom.
    I am your new follower
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  2. thanks Sonia for the suggestion.I've placed it at the right place..so that,easy for visitors to be my follower..thank u for dropping by...i will definately visit your page.. :)


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