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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Orangey Quilled Flower - Again????

Wow! It's been so long since my last update here. I've got a lot of things to share. There's one interesting story i kept for few days.Can't wait to share. Remember my Orangey Quilled Flowers Card? I put it on my FB and blog and i blur up the name of person that i wish to dedicate the card to. I told u that it's a very special card to me because it's the first quilling card that i've ever made!! Know who? Okay,actually i dedicate the special card to my beloved Instructor. Because it was a surprise card + we're too busy at class,and i plan to pass it to her 3 days before Mum's Day,i strongly believe that she's too busy to drop by my page and look at it. But what surprised me-she actually seen it on the page before i pass to her and more surprised me,she ordered it!!!!!! For her mum!!!! Aaarrghh!! I was freezed when she called me and said that she loves the card. I tried to tell her to take a look at my other quilled card sample,she might like it too.But she insisted and firm-request me to do it exactly the same...hm..customer..what can we do about them?hehe...finally i just do it but do some slight changes to it. I used cream and orange combination (instead of white and orange for her card),and also add a butterfly inside the card and some wordings as she requested. I know her for almost 3 years,and i know her taste very well. And i know that she'll love it-new card,same name,same design, same price..haha.... By today,i passed the card to her,in the morning-ordered card. In the evening,her own card. She called me and said she loved both card very much..huh! Then i explain to her why i seems like rejected her order design at first,and why i never do exactly 100% same card. As i expected,she laughed!!! hahaha!! what a good start!! is it?? >-<


Thank you for the sweet comments.I really appreciate it! Have a good day :)

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