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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

After a Weak Week! Mum's Big Day is on the way!

Weak week. I was weak,for the whole week! It's a bad, bad rhyme,isn't it! It's a 'unhealthy condition' week. Now i'm getting better with new ideas,new spirit! Huh, i spend a week to complete my ideas, Mother's Day is on the way! And i come out with this card,which i love it very much! i wish i am a mother so that i could dedicate this card specially for myself.Lol! And because i had already made a card for my mums,i couldn't give this to them either.I made a card with cottage style,put on some ribbon,button and a handmade sticker! And decorated envelope too! And i've started my Mother's Day card sales with exclusive design. One of a kind, i hope so. Please hop on to my 'For Sale' tab.You might interested in any of the cards. Take care!

Remember my Orangey Quilled Flowers? I've decided to give to my lovely ..... (it's a secret because she might be peeping on my blog too! ;P) So,i added heart shapes on the card to sync it with her image which is so lovely,loveable and loving. I hope she'll like it. Whoa! This quilling things made me so alive! I couldn't sleep  without thinking of new ideas everyday. This is the way i like it! Uhuk..Uhuk...

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